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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Hello June!

I can't believe it is June already!  How about you?? 

I have been working on getting our yard in order for a birthday for my husband that is the end of this month.  And of course, I find out exactly where the poison ivy is along the fence line.  That is some nasty stuff!  I had a reaction to it on my right arm and thigh.  My right arm has almost healed, but my thigh is going to take a little longer.  I would get home from work and have to prop my leg up to help with the swelling.  I don't think I have gone through as many bandages in my whole childhood as I have the last two weeks.  I will spare you the yucky details, but trust me, it is/was gross.  YUCK!!

I am back up and moving around (and sprayed that poison ivy with some PI killer!).  The ladies were here yesterday working on some new cards.  I'll post pictures soon.

Just wanted to remind (as if I really needed to) you that the new catalog is out.  You can click on the picture of the new catalog on the right to download it.  If you would like your own copy, please let me know and I can get you one.

I have also started to go through all of my stamp sets and decided which ones I just can't part with and which ones I can.  Let me tell you, that is very difficult.  Even as I was putting them out for the ladies to take a look, I changed my mind on a couple and hid them away.  I am starting to get more retired items in the Etsy store also.  I have wooden stamp sets, clear stamp sets, markers, paper, dies, punches, and a few things to accessorize with.

Hope you have a great day!


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