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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Busy month

This past month has been super busy.  The time just flew by.  Before I knew it, Christmas was here.  I was decorating up until last week.  I was very late on getting my Christmas cards out, but I think most everyone received them by Christmas (I hope).

We were able to spend Christmas Eve morning with my Mother and Father-in-Law, my step son and his girlfriend, and my step-son's mom.  We all went in on his gift and wanted all of us to be there to see his reaction.  Now this is a kid that does not show much of a reaction, but he was all smiles.

Christmas day, we had my family and my husbands family over for dinner.  I was even able to Face-time with my sister so she could see everyone open their presents from her and we could see her open the presents from us.  Wrapping paper was all over the place.  I love watching people open their presents.  I enjoy it more than opening mine.  I just love all the smiles and excitement.  I live finding the perfect gifts.  Some are getting harder to find gifts for.  I am definitely going to have to start early this year.

I hope Santa was able to bring you what you wanted for Christmas this year. 


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