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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Trick or Treat.....

My week started out with a trick.  I tried to log onto the internet and did not have a connection.  I unplugged the router, the modem, rebooted the computer, tried everything.  I called my ISP customer service to see if they could help me fix it.  I was on hold and was told it would be a 35 - 55 minute wait.  Fortunately it was about 15 minutes.  They couldn't help.  They also said they would have a technician call me that same evening, but no phone call.  Good thing I had them schedule an appointment for a technician.  Only thing was today was the soonest they could come out.   UUGGGHHH.  So I have been logging in at lunch to do small updates, but did not have time for a post.  The technician figured out that someone unhooked my internet from the box.  Not a happy girl.  But I like looking on the bright side and have my internet back up and running.  YAH!!!!

So now for the treat.  I am going to give you a sneak peak to one of the projects we are making at this weekends club party.

Supplies used for this are:

Toxic Treats, W-127898 $28.95, C-127901 $20.95

StazOn Jet Black, 101406 $7.95

White Vellum Card Stock, 101856 $6.50

Ghoulish Googlies Designer Kit, 126914 $7.95
1/16” Circle Handheld, 101227 $8.95
Craft & Rubber Scissors, 103179 $19.95
Glue Dots, 103683 $4.95

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  1. Someone had unhooked the internet from the box? How helpful of them! (What a nasty trick!)
    Do you use the Stazon because its on Vellum?


  2. Hi Seryna. Yes I used Stazon because I was stamping on Vellum. I can't wait for the ladies to play tomorrow. I'm going to see if it is OK for me to take pictures of them and post on here.